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AC Special Electric Multiple Unit EDS1R, Maintenance Team Transportation

AC Special Electric Multiple Unit EDS1R, Maintenance Team Transportation

Model 62-370 
Drawing 370.00.00.000

EDS1R is designed to transport maintenance teams and necessary equipment to a certain point (within the Russian Railways infrastructure). The EDS1R  is to be operated under the following conditions: railways with electrified tracks, 1520 mm gauge, AC, overhead contact line system of nominal voltage of 25 kV/50 Hz. 

The train set consists of two driving carriages: passenger one (non-motor) and service one (motor).

Key features:

  • In service carriage there are: mobile electrical crane to load/unload an equipment to/from roadbed during the repair works; rolling out containers and shelving systems  to storage tools and spare parts; carpenter's bench.
  • Passenger carriage: microclimate with air-conditioning system; foreman's compartment; eco-friendly WC facility; dining zone; dishwashing zone; fridge for food storage.
  • Hermetically sealed corridor connections between carriages
  • Hermetically sealed sliding plug doors
  • Intercarriage backlash-free coupling system that provides a train smooth running and better sound insulation

EDS1R Specification

25 kV/50 Hz
Basic train set, number of carriages
Platform type
High, low
Carriage body material
Structural steel
Number of doors per one side of carriage
EMU total length (basic train set), m 44.2
Carriage length (between coupling axes), m
Carriage length (bogie centre distance), m
Carriage body width, m
Design speed, km/h
Number of axles (with motor / total)
4 / 8
Traction engine capacity, kW
Average acceleration up to 60 km/h, not less than, m/s2 
Number of seats (total)


EDS1R is manufactured on the basis of the standard EMU ED9M model with the use of the proven technical solutions. It is provided with the standard underfloor equipment and one used inside the carriage. This lets reduce considerably the operation and maintenance costs. 

The service carriage is designed to transport tools and various equipment, for this reason, there is an electrical crane, which is used to move heavy objects inside the carriage, as well as to load/unload them.

The passenger carriage is provided with two- and six-seat benches and tables between them. In the dining zone there are: drawers and cupboards, kitchen work table, sink, fridge, microwave oven, electric kettle. Besides that, the passenger carriage is equipped with a microclimate system, an eco-friendly WC facility, and with a forman's compartment.

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