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DC Electric Multiple Unit ED4M (manufactured until the second half-year of 2016)

DC Electric Multiple Unit ED4M (manufactured until the second half-year of 2016)

Model 62-301
Drawing 301.00.00.001

The EMU is designed to be operated on railways with electrified tracks. The main features: 1520 mm gauge, overhead contact line system of nominal voltage of DC 3000 V, railways equipped with either low or high platforms, regenerative/rheostatic electrodynamic braking system.

Key features:

  • Microclimate with air-conditioning system
  • Forced ventilation with independent activation controlled by the ventilation and heating system in entrance/exit zones
  • Hermetically sealed corridor connections between carriages
  • Hermetically sealed sliding plug doors with access to either high or low platforms
  • Intercarriage backlash-free coupling system that provides a train smooth running and better sound insulation
  • CCTV system inside the coaches
  • Power-saving technologies applied to the lightning system: LED line inside the coaches; LED signal and buffer-beam lights; boarding and alighting LED control lights; LED lamps in exit/entrance zones
  • Upgraded auxiliary converter of higher capacity 1PV.7U1
  • Facilities for the passengers with disabilities: boarding/alighting ramp (driving carriage), special places for passengers using wheelchairs are equipped with proper safety belts, spacious WCs with special handrails.

ED4M Specifications 

Voltage 3 kV
Basic train set, number of carriages
Optional train set, number of carriages 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14
Multiple-unit train control system Yes
Platform type
High, low
Carriage body material
Structural steel
Facilities for people with disabilities
Yes (driving carriage)
Number of doors per one side of carriage
EMU total length (basic train set), m
Carriage length (between coupling axes), m
Carriage length (bogie centre distance), m
Carriage body width (exterior metal plates rolls), m
Design speed, km/h
Number of axles (with motor / total)
20 / 40
Traction engine capacity, kW
Average acceleration up to 60 km/h, not less than, m/s2 
Number of seats (total)
 (driving/trailer/motor carriage)
80 / 116 / 116
Wheel set maximum load on rails considering maximum carriage occupancy, not more than , kN
 (driving/trailer/motor carriage)
180 / 210 / 180

Depending on the operation mode, the EMU design considers various interior layouts, six-seat benches or two-and three-seat blocks as 3+2 or 2+2.

On the customer's request, there are other options: passengers counting system, Wi-Fi, handrails, and special bars for the bicycle storage, etc.

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