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Lean Production

Transmashholding Production System

The Transmashholding Production System means a uniform working method implemented at all enterprises - members of the holding company. This approach ensures the continuous improvement of the QCD-S indicators : Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety.

 DMZ Production System

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The DMZ Production System is developed on the basis of  the Toyota Production System principles, along with our partners' experience, including Alstom Transport. The major principle of the DMZ Production System is the same as Toyota's one and it states: 'to satisfy customer requirements in the quickest and most efficient way, evoiding unnecessary losses and providing the products of sound quality.'

The DMZ Production System aims to create on the basis of the pilot manufacturing sectors a production and management processes control system methodology. The further Production System development is to be carried out in a way of programme decisions focused on the production efficiency improvement. Besides that, the System considers the best practices application all over the plant.

The Production System provides a strategic goals achievement through the staff training, labour efficiency and quality continous improvement, as well as through lowering costs and meeting costomer requirements. The objective to implement the Production System is to apply the optimum production management ideas and, in this way, to implement the System into other processes and divisions of the company.

Sharing of Experience

The sharing of experience is an integral part of the Production System implementation. No one theoretic knowledge distilled from the books can be compared with information shared by specialists, who have successfully realized various projects.

Within the lean production best practices implementation, the DMZ staff analyse the best practices implemented in the pilot production sectors at DMZ, at the plants of Transmashholding, at Alstom Transport, and in other Russian and world's companies.