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Business Management System

DMZ Business Management System

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The DMZ Business Management System (BMS) is a combination of the company structure, liability, practices, processes, and resources, which provide the business Policy and Objectives implementation in the field of Quality and Health&Safety.

The BMS at DMZ was developed on the basis of a so-called process approach. Within this concept, 35 interrelated processes run smoothly. 

All the processes make the following blocks:

- Business Management System;

- Executive Management Liability;

- Resource Management;

- Product Lifespan Process Management;

- Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement.  

There are the following indicated BMS processes: system processes, basic processes, and auxiliary processes. The method 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' applies to each one.

Within every single process, it is carried out:

- activities according to the current procedures;

- process monitoring;

- continuous process improvement actions.

So called 'process maps' are developed for every BMS process. These process maps contain information on 'process owner', process 'inlet' and 'outlet'. Moreover, the necessary resources and key process indicators (KPI) are defined for each BMS process.

2014-12-05_144410.jpgCompliance with the IRIS Requirements  

Between 1 and 4 December 2014 the DQS Holding GmbH specialists conducted a BMS certification audit at Demikhovo Engineering Works. The company successfully passed the audit and got a Certificate of Compliance that confirms the compliance with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). The final score of 61% is a worthy result. 

During two years DMZ was headed for this goal and now the company is proud of this achievement because it is a result of the cohesive efforts of all team members!


Our Business Management System Means

Our main concept we follow states: 'Standard for work, not work for standard.' We base our system on the real life circumstances and on the events happening around us, which constantly make their adjustments in the processes. For this reason, our BMS cannot be considered as a completed project. Besides that, the Quality itself means a continuous development and improvement. Thus, a steady BMS improvement increases the Customer's satisfaction of using the safe and high quality product manufactured at our plant!